Short: V1.3.5, makes HTML-Tags LOWER/UPPERCASE Author: Andreas Frank Uploader: Andreas Frank Type: text/hyper Version: 1.3.5 Requires: KS2.0 Architecture: m68k-amigaos --------- IMPORTANT --------- HTMLCap will ONLY produce correct output, if ALL URLs are enclosed in quotation marks ("). For example: Picture will be converted to: Picture But: Picture will be converted to: PICTURE and this won't work on UNIX-Systems (most webservers are running under UNIX or a UNIX-clone), as filenames are case-sensitive with UNIX-Filesystems. So be careful with those quotation marks! ----------- What is it? ----------- HTMLCap is a tiny little tool that makes the tags in your HTML-Documents uppercase or lowercase. As EASY as possible! Other Text, e.g. filenames, arguments, plain text and other stuff won't be touched. For example: This is the title, which is not changed! Other Body text isn't changed either No Change here! is changed to: This is the title, which is not changed! Other Body text isn't changed either No Change here! Looks much nicer, doesn't it? --------------------- What's new in V1.3.5? --------------------- Read HTMLCap.history for information on older versions. V1.3.5 (5.3.98) Changed revision numbering scheme. Should be more obvious now. Added option "TO/K". This enables you to save a processed HTML file with a new filename instead of overwriting the old file. Example: HTMLCap foo.html TO foo_new.html Of course you can't process more than one file while using the "TO"-option. HTMLCap will take care of this. ---------- How to use ---------- Copy it where you want. Preferably to C: Actually, HTMLCap is a CLI-Command, so use it like this: 1.> HTMLCap [foo.html] [foo2.html] [foo3.html] .... Be careful! Make a backup of your HTML-documents before using this program! HTMLCaps overwrites your old file with the corrected one! Though it seems to work perfectly, noone knows... it could destroy your work (perhaps). Entering just "HTMLCap" (without arguments) gives you some brief instructions. NEW! ---- Since version 1.3.5 you now can optionally save to a specified file. Use it like this: 1.> HTMLCap foo.html TO foo_capitalized.html Of course you can't process more than 1 file at once using this method. Patternmatching is not implemented yet. Also read HTMLCap.history which may give you some useful information. ---- Bugs ---- I couldn't find any yet, but I'm sure HTMLCap will behave strange when you try to convert HTML-Files with corrupt tags, e.g. missing "<" or ">" or an odd number of """. If you find any bugs, please report them to me (EMail see below). Include your hard- and software configuration. ---------- Disclaimer ---------- This software is provided "AS IS". You are using it at your own risk. If it destroys your software or hardware (or anything else), I am not responsible. Actually, I am not responsible for anything. If you don't like this, don't use this software. ------------------------ Does this cost anything? ------------------------ Of course not. Distribute freely. But DO NOT change this archive in any way. HTMLCap is 1997-1998 Andreas Frank. ---------------------------- You HAVE to do the following ---------------------------- Send me an EMail, if you use and like this proggy. Also, visit my Homepage and sign my Guestbook. (Adresses see below) Furthermore, I would be glad, if you sent me a postcard (yes, those little rectangle paper thingies) picturing your hometown or anything. It would be nice, if you mention me and my little proggy on Web-Sites which you optimized with HTMLCap. Feel free to put up a link there: Kolb's Homepage ----------------- How to contact me ----------------- Andreas Frank SnailMail: Schwalbachweg 16 D-95666 Mitterteich Germany Fax: ++49-(0)9633-91101 EMail: WWW: (C)opyright 1997-1998 Andreas Frank.